Trying to Sell Your House Fast?

Trying to sell your house fast in Iowa or Wisconsin? Well, at Freedom Point, we buy houses fast for cash. And here are 4 ways that you’d save money by working with us instead of a real estate agent… No Commission Cost, Closing Costs, or Hidden Fees — We make you a cash offer, we … Continued

Now Is a Great Time to Sell Your House!

Now is a great time to sell your house! Demand is still incredibly high, with low inventory and a housing shortage across the country. Even with a rise in interest rates, property is still selling at record speed in most areas in many states. The houses that aren’t selling? Well, they’re the usual ones… Even … Continued

Did You Inherit a Property?

Did you inherit a property? Inheriting a home is both a blessing and a huge obligation — it requires a lot of work. It will be necessary to create a short-term plan for maintaining the home while the estate settles. This can take six months or more. During this time, it’s also important to talk … Continued